Accessories Cables LS-1


The LS1 is a 99,9999% oxygen free copper conductor cable featuring a Gold Note proprietary design and gold treated plugs for high quality but convenient performance.


Typology: interconnect cable
Construction: solid core Gold Note separate insulated geometry
Conductors: pure copper multi strand conductor
Insulation: PTE
Capacitance: 55pF/mt
Inductance: 1.0μH
Resistance: 0.0002ohm
Shield: copper shield

RCA: gold plated
XLR: silver plated

Flexibility: good
Admitted bending: good
Cable diameter: 8mm

Color: black with gold plated connectors

IMPORTANT NOTICES | Gold Note cables user instruction
All Gold Note cables are made with first class pure silver/copper solid core conductors. Though the cable flexibility is guaranteed by the proprietary geometry and the special assembling both we invite users to adopt the following suggestions:
• always bend the cable less as possible
• do not absolutely bend the cable at the end of the plug rubber heatshrink, where there is the description of the model
• do not grab or pull the cable except that by its solid plugs
• do not bend or force the cable position while is plugged
• do not clean the cable plugs with any aggressive liquid but exclusively with diluted clear alcohol
• do not try opening the plugs or disassembling the cable in any of its part
• never use the cable for purposes other than those for which it was made